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Toss Specification (2011 Draft) : Terms


A Pipe is what Toss client uses to send and receive messages. A client acquires a Pipe from Toss server by sending a registration request. A client is not required to release the Pipe after use. Client sends data by sending a JSON request to a sending Pipe. Client gets data by long-polling a receiving Pipe.


Scopes are namespaces. They allow additional controls, such as security, filtering, and other policies, to be applied to a group of topics. Applications can choose to use public Scopes for open communications with other applications, or to use private Scopes for closed communications.

Semantic Field

A Semantic Field is a data field that is named using an entity name defined in Toss Global Vocabulary, or custom-defined vocabulary. For example, “” unambiguously identifies the field contains a value of an email address. The format of the field is also defined in vocabulary definitions.

Semantic Set

A semantic Set contains a list of Semantic Field. There are some predefined Semantic Sets in Toss Global Vocabulary. You can also define custom Semantic Sets using global or local vocabularies. A Toss client implementation may also support dynamically constructing and interpreting semantic sets.

Service Registration

A Service Registration represents a registered service that can be discovered and consumed via Toss. Unlike traditional service descriptions, Service Registration describes the semantics of a service. For example, a simple Service Registration for a public address lookup service will look like: GIVEN <c.g.latlong>, THEN <c.g.streetaddress>, AT <URL>. And a translation Service Registration is: GIVEN <c.i.text_en-US_>, THEN <c.i.text_zh-CN_>, AT <URL>.


A Topic indicates the subject of current message exchange. Messages are delivered only to recipient(s) who have subscribed to the topic. Applications can choose Topics freely, however they need to either agree on which topics to use, or choose from Azure Toss public topics in order to successfully send/receive messages.

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