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Toss Specification (2011 Draft) : Level 0

register (1)

summary Register a communication Pipe to send/receive messages.
verb GET
candidate level Level 1
promoted NO
returns registered Pipe id as a string


scope scope of the communication
topic subject of communication. This parameter is required when type parameter is receive, multicast_duplex, or unicast_duplex
type type of communication pipe. Possible values are multicast_send, unicast_send, receive, multicast_duplex, and unicast_duplex
alias (optional) Name alias of sender/receiver.
realm (optional) security realm. This parameter indicates user of the pipe has to be from specified realm. More security controls are provided by register (2)

  • In JavaScript sample codes you may see an additional "callback" parameter being used. The parameter is required for JSONP requests only. It's not part of the API.
  • TODO: incorporate selected security modes such as secret/application key and/or claim-based security

1. to register a multicast pipe to send messages
2. to register a receiving pipe


summary Send a message to a sending pipe.
candidate level Level 1
promoted NO
returns "OK" with 200 response if successful. Otherwise corresponding state codes (such as 400 and 500) are returned.


package Package to be sent. Package is a UTF-8 encoded string.
pipe the pipe to be used to send data.
topic subject of communication.

  • The send request can either use GET verb or POST verb.

1. to send a simple text message

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